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We care about the environment and we want to make the world a better place for yours and ours children and their future families. An easy statement but hard to live up to.

At HCPE we are proud to say that we have an environment friendly solution for every piece of packaging leaving our cutting-edge factories. We use recycled or FSC certified paper instead of virgin paper, we replace plastic with paper foam or PLA, we use PLA coatings instead of PE, we replace the magnets in boxes with a better solution, we work with compostable corn starch or sugarcane, if possible we reduce the weight and we could continue…

What we are saying is that we go to extreme measures to make your packaging as sustainable as humanly possible and we are constantly seaking advice at universities and professors to be the first to push the limits for what is possible.
We love a challenge that can make a difference for all of us. So please get in touch if you want to join us on this amazing journey.